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saturated fat bad for you | saturated fat good or bad | is 'saturated fat ' Good for Health

saturated fat bad for you | saturated fat good or bad | is 'saturated fat ' Good for Health

saturated fat bad for you | saturated fat good or bad | is "saturated fat " Good for Health
Is Saturated fat Bad For You

Saturated versus unsaturated fats.

1.What's the difference and why does it matter? I'm gonna explain hey I'm Vicky Shaikh with Wellness For Life and if you like to truly master health by understanding.

2.How the body really works make sure that you subscribe and hitthat notification bell so that you don't miss anything. So what is a fat?

3.Fat is a chemical compound that's made up of primarily carbon and hydrogen so astring of carbon atoms linked together usually somewhere between 4 and 16 formost of the fat that we consume and the carbon atom is one that can make four connections so kind of like this the carbon sits in the middle and then itcan bond it can link with four different things either four different atoms orfour different groups of some sort so all of this happens in the fat moleculeso on the one end that carbon is going to bind with three.

4.Hydrogen's but thenin the chain it's going to bind with other carbons so if it binds with twoother carbons and the fat is saturated then that's going to leave each carbonto bind with two hydrogen's saying the chain it binds with two carbons and twohydrogen's and that's what we call a saturated fat if every carbon also has afull set of hydrogen atoms connected but sometimes the carbons connect with adouble bond meaning they use up two of these connections between them and thatonly leaves them room to bind with one more hydrogen instead of two and innature virtually all the time these hydrogen's are going to end up on thesame side meaning called a cyst transformation.

saturated fat bad for you | saturated fat good or bad | is "saturated fat " Good for Health
Saturated Fat Good or Bad

5.So what this means isthat the molecule is going to make a band and this is really important forthe chemical properties and for the melting point and foror what sort of nutrition properties that fatty acid has so if it's a saturated fat then it's going to make a straight line so if it has four carbonsin it that's called butyrate acid and it occurs in butterso butter has a combination has a mix of different lengths but butyric acid makesthat butter melt much more easily than some of the longer chains so even though butter is a saturated fatty acid it has a relatively low melting point that'swhy it melts if you rub it with your finger for example the eight carbonlength is more like a medium chain triglyceride those are very common incoconut oil for example and if the fat is entirely made up of long chains likethe sixteen carbon chain then it's called stearic acid.

6.Which is basically candle wax this is also what most of the beef fat is made up of that's why beeffat and candle wax are kind of similar and they they're solid at room temperature so the shorter the length the lower the melting point the easierit is to melt it well there's another property that makes it melt easy andthat's if it has a kink to it so the straighter the molecule is the tighterthey pack together it's like side by side by side you can just pack themtogether and then they sort of stick and it's harder to break them apart and thenthey have a higher melting point they don't move as freely but if they have adouble bond if they're unsaturated they're gonna have a bend to them andnow they don't pack together as well so this would be an example of olive oilwhich is mono unsaturated olive oil also called oleic acidthen if it has two double bonds if it's twice unsaturated.

7.Then it's gonna payeven more bent if it has three double bonds then it's going to be even morebent and so on and these molecules like fish oil will have five and six doublebonds so it's more almost like a circle in configuration and that's why fish oilor flax oil is actually liquid in the freezerit gets really thick but it's the liquid in the freezer so what this means ofcourse is like we said the saturated fats are solid or semi-solid at room temperature while the polyunsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature oreven refrigerated so this makes them useful for different things in the bodyso saturated fats are great for fuel that's what the body primarily burns forfuel if it's available.

8.But the poly unsaturated are very reactivethey're great for the body for certain things they have signaling propertiesthe body uses them for more specialized functions but primarily in cellmembranes because your cell membranes need to be flexible and fluid and ifthey have saturated fats then they kind of pack them together and the cellmembranes are more like candle wax they get really stiff and then the cellmembranes can't communicate and have all of these signaling properties thatthey're supposed to have so we do need both the problem with poly unsaturated isthat they are very reactive because this double bond this bond is available it isnot that hard to break and if we expose that bond to heat or oxygen that we canbreak that so then these become very reactive they become unstable and theybecome very susceptible to damage by heat and oxygenand then the fat is called rancid.

9.Now it becomes very destructive now it'sbasically a toxin to the body so that's a little bit more about the the sciencebehind it and why the fats work the way that they do and why saturate a nonsaturated behave the way that they do I made another video on the properties andwhat fats are best to eat for these reasons so you can check that out righthere so we need a variety of different fats for different purposes so thesaturated fats are great for fuel and then we need a small amount of thespecialized fats and these are what's called the essential fatty acids and weneed small amounts of them for particular reasons such as membranes the DHA which is a 6-fold polyunsaturated part of the fish oil is what the brainand the retina is primarily made up of so it's a building block that gives thebrain certain properties so we need a little bit of these on an ongoing basiswe can need a little bit more of the saturated for fuel but we do need bothof them the key is to understand that the saturated fats are pretty stablethey don't oxidize easily they're stable at room temperature and the polyunsaturated are very sensitive to heat and oxygen so they need great carein handling so that they're not destroyed before we eat them if youenjoy content like this please remember to subscribe and hit that notificationbell and please share this information with as many people as you can becausethis is life-saving information and if you have people you care about let themknow about this thanks.

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