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Pubg Mobile ban in Pakistan ? #Unbanned_Pubg Pubg Mobile Banned In Pakistan 2020

Pubg Mobile ban in Pakistan ? #Unbanned_Pubg Pubg Mobile Banned In Pakistan 2020

Pubg Mobile ban in Pakistan ? #Unbanned_Pubg Pubg Mobile Banned In Pakistan 2020
#unbanned Pubg

Bila Shubba Ye Ik Galat Faisla Hai Jis se PAKISTAN ki Nojawan Nasal ka Boht Zada Nuksaan Hoga

PTA Ko Is Email Address Per Mail Kr Sakte Hein 

Or Har Jagah Hastag #UnbannedPubg Hona Chahye .

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Dear Sir,

Hope you are fine and doing well.

First of all we are really shocked how the image of pubg is being portrayed out there that it's a killer game. People commit suicide because of pubg, just because of their media ratings news channels are portraying this game as an enemy of society.

There are some factors you should consider aswell. 

1) Pubg is a game that made e sports revolution happen in the world, look at other countries how they are making millions just by playing this game. In Pakistan E sports scenario came to life just be cause of pubg and people have already opted this as their career. This is not the youth of 90s. They want to build their career in esports just like other countries like india / china. By banning this you would be crushing the dreams of many who wants to excell and do good for pakistan case in point "Arslan Ash won the taken gaming tournament and represented the Pakistan flag at international Platform"

Team Freestyle won a tournament and Currently will represent the Green flag at international platform for the world championship of PUBG

2 Pubg helps you from alot of social ills.
Yes you read that right. Media is portraying this game as it's playing with minds of youth. Let's see some facts.
Alot of our youth was indulge in immoral activities before this game came. These includes smoking, drinking, porn addiction, Pubg got rid of these all now if you ask me what would i prefer? My child watching a porno or playing a game obviously i would go for a game. This game is only for entertainment purposes it never never encourages anyone to commit a suicide. It's helping alot of your youth to get up from the despairs they have fallen into.

3)There is a livlehood problem as well. 

We know about the job shortage for youth in Pakistan. Many people get their Degrees and they are not given a job and they commit suicide because of that, do we blame the education system then? No we don't.
As i said earlier many youth in Pakistan have already opted e sports career as their way of earning. There are countless youtubers in Pakistan who are earning handsome and helping the ovens of their homes. If you even consider banning this, consider this as well you would be putting out the livelyhood of alot of people.

4)Why do people commit suicide?

People don't commit suicides for a game, Games are there for entertainment purposes only, and pubg is also an entertainment game. As i said if a youth goes into a college does good gets good grades and still he couldn't find a job and commits suicide. Should we ban the education system? Should we ban all the government and private institutions as one guy couldn't got the job. That's not how it works.

5)Why people commit suicides??

There's an major issue which we never ever give our attention to. That's DEPRESSION.
Our kids, friends, brothers, sisters tell us that he/ she is depressed, what is our reply?

 "Depression kuch nahi hota, sahi ho jaye ga khud e"

When you leave a person alone, when there's so much pressure on him that he can't handle all the things that are being thrown towards him, when his family abandons him at the time he needed them the most, then that person goes for that suicidal thoughts.

A Game could never encourage you to go for a suicide. Pubg is the best thing out there to fight depression. You are tensed after working long hours in office play a match and you will be relaxed. You got free from home chores cooking and all play a game you will feel good.


In the end our conclusion is this that a game that has so many plus points shouldn't be banned. There are alot of wrongs in our society we should correct them instead of banning a harmless game.

Disclaimer :

This All Content Is Provided You Is A Part Of Star Anonymous YouTube Channel Content & I Have A License To use It & Pro Pakistani Website. 💌


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